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Do you love to dance? Do you love music? If you answered yes, then Ecstatic Dance is perfect for you! 


Ecstatic Dance could possibly be unlike any other dance event you may have been to before. 

Ecstatic Dance has particular guidelines that make it unique!


 🔸First, you do not have to have any prior dance experience to participate! Ecstatic Dance is a free-form dance event, dance how you want, be free, be YOU! 


 🔸Second, Ecstatic Dance is a phones down setting. This helps you disconnect from the screen world and helps you be in the present moment. Phones out of sight also insures that dancers are safe to move around in freedom. No worries to guard yourself from photos or recordings showing up on social media later.  


 🔸Third guideline, no shoes on the dance floor. It’s fun! Connect to your roots, get grounded! Socks or dance shoes are okay of course.


 🔸Forth guideline, Ecstatic Dance is a substance free event. Come dance consciously! We honor the dance best by being fully conscious in our natural uninhibited state, keeping it a safe container to  share in community and health. Bring water 


 🔸Fifth and final guideline, no talking on the dance floor. This makes the dance extra special! You will be in tune with the music and the dance. Let the music take you over. This really helps reconnect you to your higher self and to others. This could be the best element of Ecstatic Dance. 


$20 Donation (pay what you can)


Join us!  We are just getting started! Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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